Industrial Blowers and Canada Blower Fans

World Class Industrial Blowers and Fans

CANADA BLOWER Industrial Blowers and Fans has a long and well established record of producing a full range of large industrial fans, blowers and belt drive and direct drive propeller fans for commercial and industrial applications. Our Engineering and Product Design Departments have expert professionals who can assist customers develop custom designed air handling and conveying systems that meet and exceed their critical industrial fan and blower applications. Regardless of your ventilation requirements, rely on NIS-CO Industrial Blowers & Fans to deliver the best and most effective air movement systems and solutions possible.

Canada Blower Housed Blower Fan

Radial Blade Belt Drive Blowers

Centrifugal or radial flow Fan: Air enters parallel to the axis of the fan and turns through 90 degrees and is discharged radially through the fan blades. The blade force is tangential causing the air to spin with the blades and the main pressure is attributed to this centrifugal force. Each radial blade blower housing is continuously welded for sturdy construction.

Canada Blower Propeller Fan

Belt Drive Propeller Fans

The propeller fans are constructed with an integral motor-fan guard mounted on a steel panel. The propeller fan propellers have aluminum bases with steel hubs. All fans come with totally enclosed motors.

Forward Curve Blower Fan

Forward Curve Blowers

The forward curve blower fans are designed with a heavy-duty housing and base. Canada Blower wheels are dynamically balanced and supplied with cast iron hubs. All blower fans are available in either clockwise or counterclockwise rotation and the housings are rotatable up to 8 different positions.