Industrial centrifugal airfoil ventilators, backwardly inclined and backward curved fans and blowers. Engineers of high pressure radial fan ventilators - industrial pressure blowers.



Engineering of through the wall exhaust fans, airflow exhaust ventilators, fume hood exhaust fans, roof / wall supply blowers, paint booth ventilation fans, high pressure air blowers, air pressure blowers, high temperature air blowers, rotary air blowers, air fan-blowers systems, roof blowers, roots blowers, oven / dryer exhaust ventilators, heavy-duty ventilation fans, spray booth exhaust fans, New York blowers, Dayton fans, Chicago blowers, American Coolair ventilators, ACME ventilators, Twin City fans, Aerovent fans, Cincinnati blowers. Backwardly inclined (BI) fan blowers and aerofoil (AF), acoustafoil (AcF), or aerocline fan blowers from New York; with high temperature construction, low leakage, 87 % efficiency, stainless steel SS316, SS316L, SS304, aluminum construction, spark resistant construction, monel construction. Supply of replacement bacward inclined (BI) fan blowers and airfoil (AF), or acoustafoil (AcF), or Aerocline fan blower parts for backward inclined bi fan blowers manufactured by Buffalo Blower / New York Blower, Twin City Fan, Northern Blower, Chicago Blower, Sheldons, Cincinnati Fan, Hartzell, IAP, Industrial air products, Canadian blower, Howden Buffalo, Penn Ventilation, Penn-Barry, Barry Blower, ACME, Aerovent, Alphair, American Fan, Lau Industries, Clarage, Delhi, Canarm, Leader Fan, Daltec, ABB, Flakt, Flaktwoods, Woods, MK Plastics, Robinson Industrial, Garden City Fan, Loren Cook, Jen-air, Jenn Fan, Aeroflo, Grainger, Greenheck, Kice Fan, ILG Industries, Canada Fan, Industrial Air, Ceilcote, Breidert; high pressure and high temperature pressure blowers. Backwardly Inclined Fans are designed for a wide range of applications from commercial building ventilation to industrial dust collection systems. Four classes of construction combined with three wheel designs provide the utmost in selection choice.
With pressures to 20" WG and volumes to 200,000 CFM, together with up to 85% efficiencies, the range of NIS-CO Backward Inclined Fans covers the most industrial ventilation systems needs and typical full-range OEM air-moving machinery designs. Three wheel designs (Airfoil, Backward Curved and Backward Inclined) provide the widest coice in application suitability, efficiency, sound and cost. All three wheel design feature backward-inclined, non-overloading horsepower characteristic where the horsepower reaches a peak and then decreases even as flow increases. This allows maximum brake horsepower calculation and motor selection that prevents electrical system overloading even if system pressure changes.
NIS-CO Backwardly Inclined Fans are available with widest range of Accessories: explosion proof construction, 3 levels of spark-resistant construction, shaft seals, dampers, access door, hosuinf drain, stainless steel and all-aluminum construction, etc.